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Bill considered ‘attempt at voter suppression’

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Town Crier “Briefs from the Region” (2) – 2/24/21

Each election year, nearly 75 percent of ballots from Montana voters are cast by mail. House Bill 455 would abolish this current list of voters completely and require voters to go to their elections office in person in order to continue receiving their ballot in the mail. This poses a problem for many rural Montanans—some of whom live hundreds of miles from their local government offices—as well as disabled and elderly voters. The bill also would require these mail-in ballots to be returned by 6 p.m. on Election Day, instead of 8 p.m., when polls close. Supporters of the bill say its intention is to prevent voter fraud. HB 455 is one of two bills looking to limit Election Day flexibility—HB 176 would close late voter registration at noon the day before the election.

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