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Bozeman outdoor water restrictions start mid-June

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BOZEMAN – The Bozeman City Commission established permanent outdoor water restrictions on May 3 which take effect mid-June, according to a statement from the City of Bozeman. The ordinance will be in effect regardless of a declared drought stage.

All Bozeman residents who irrigate using city water will be required to follow a mandatory watering schedule.

  • Outdoor lawn/landscape watering with sprinkler systems may only occur three days a week, following a mandatory watering schedule:
    • Properties with even numbered physical addresses: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
    • Properties with odd numbered physical addresses: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
    • Public parks, private open spaces, street right-of-ways: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  •  Outdoor lawn/landscape watering is prohibited daily between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and midnight.

With climate change and increasing water demands, the City of Bozeman could face a water scarcity issue within the next 15 years without water conservation, according to the City of Bozeman Water Conservation website.

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