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BSSD Terrific Kids/Students of the Month: March

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BIG SKY – As part of its Student of the Month/Terrific Kids of the Month program, the Big Sky School District honored four students in March for their ability to show patience and calmness to classmates and teachers.

Teachers choose two “terrific kids” from kindergarten through fifth grades and two “students of the month” in middle and high school, recognizing them based on a different theme every month.

An announcement is made over the intercom, and the students are called into the office to be congratulated. In addition, the k-5 honorees are rewarded with a burger from The Corral, and the chosen middle and high school students get pizza from Blue Moon Bakery.


Staudt_Garin_105K-2 Terrific Kid of the Month – Second grade student Garin Staudt

Garin Staudt is an exceptional second grader who deserves recognition. Among his many positive character traits is patience. Garin’s calm and gentle approach in the classroom provides a strong example that his peers are quick to follow. We are very lucky to have Garin as a part of our school community!




Boersma_Kassidy_1513-5 Terrific Kid of the Month – fifth grade student Kassidy Boersma

The grades 3-5 selection for patience/calmness student is Kassidy Boersma. She is an excellent student who always strives for success. One of her best qualities within the classroom is her ability to work well with all of her classmates. The ability to work well with all personality types requires patience and calmness at times, and Kassidy exemplifies these traits.




Merryman_Rowan_197Ophir Middle School Student of the Month – eighth grade student Rowan Merryman

It is with great pride that the middle school announces Rowan Merryman as the student of the month for March. Rowan exemplifies patience with her friends, peers and schoolwork. Her persistence and overall attitude is worth recognition and we as a staff are quite pleased with her hard work and dedication this school year. Congratulations Rowan and keep up the good work!




Schumacher_Griffin_46Lone Peak High School Student of the Month – 11th grade student Griffin Schumacher

Patience is maintaining your cool while letting another finish a statement with which you disagree. Patience is waiting to see what will happen with the stocks you purchased in a stock market simulation – instead of selling them as soon as they drop just a little bit in price. Patience is a skill required to work well with others on the basketball court and in the classroom. Patience is Griffin Schumacher! Congratulations Griffin, on being honored as LPHS student of the month.

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