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BSSD terrific kids/students of the month

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BIG SKY – Big Sky School District honored four students for their accountability this May as part of its Student of the Month/Terrific Kids of the Month program.

Teachers choose two ‘terrific kids’ from kindergarten through fifth grades and two ‘students of the month’ in middle and high school, recognizing them based on a different theme every month.

An announcement is made over the intercom, and the students are called into the office to be congratulated. In addition, the K-5 honorees are rewarded with a burger from The Corral, and the middle and high school students chosen get pizza from Blue Moon Bakery.
Read the teachers’ praises for those honored below.

K-2 Terrific Kid of the Month: Drew DiTullio – 2nd Grade

Drew_DiTullioDrew DiTullio is very responsible and always ensures that her work is completed on time and to the best of her ability. She always does exactly what is assigned in class, plus more, and completes assignments well before due dates. She is a leader in our classroom and sets a great example for others.

3-5 Terrific Kid of the Month: Lyli McCarthy – 5th GradeLyli_McCarthy

Lyli always seems to be doing the right thing. If you ever need something done, she’s the right person for the job and will go above and beyond your expectations. Lyli recently tested for her black belt in Taekwondo!

Ophir Middle School Student of the Month: Ava King – 7th Grade

Ava_KingAva King rarely misses any classes and is extremely conscientious if she has to be absent. Ava is a self-starter who enjoys learning and thrives due to her innate sense of responsibility. She steps up as a leader during classes and is respected by her peers. Ava is a model student who acknowledges and keeps the other students in check and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

Lone Peak High School Student of the Month: Ellie Quackenbush – 9th GradeEllie_Quackenbush

Ellie Quakenbush can always be counted on to follow through with her commitments like participation in the recent high school musical, “Cinderella.” She can always be counted on to complete her schoolwork with the highest quality, even as a freshman in a junior-level class. Ellie can be counted on as a friend when she is needed most.

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