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Eagle Mount to offer free adaptive recreation to wounded warriors



In 2010, the Bozeman-based organization,
Eagle Mount, began a veteran outreach
initiative to look into best practices for
serving injured service members called
EMBLEM (Eagle Mount Bozeman Lasting
Experiences for Military). Nearly a year
later, well-researched pilot programs are
underway, offering recreation in equine,
swim, cycling, kayak, zip line, fishing,
rafting and more.
This summer, Montana veterans will
have the opportunity to engage in adaptive
recreation with Eagle Mount. Three
programs will be offered, with the option
to participate in one, two, or all three
recreations including cycling, swim, and
an adventure program, with a different
recreation each week.
Veteran participants will feel at ease in
EMBLEM programs. Summer recreation
programs will utilize veterans as volunteers,
maintain a focus on ability rather
than disability, and build camaraderie,
strength, endurance and balance. Eagle
Mount’s highly trained staff knows what
it takes to provide adaptive recreation that
is safe, effective and fun. All programs are
available to military veterans at no cost
thanks to generous contributions from
Disabled Sports USA and the Gilhousen
Family Foundation.
Eagle Mount has been offering adaptive
recreation to people with disabilities and
children with cancer for 30 years.

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