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Montana’s Testicle Festival at Rock Creek Lodge starts Aug. 3

By Hunter Rothwell
Published: Aug. 3, 2011

For the past 28 years, the wildest,
no-holds-barred party in Montana has
taken place in a small western outpost
called the Rock Creek Lodge 20 miles
southeast of Missoula. The central
activity surrounding this event is the
consumption, both competitive and
recreational, of what are known as
“Rocky Mountain Oysters” or “Tendergroin”—
bull balls.
Over the course
of the long
15,000 attendees
through Two
and a half
tons of these
the festival has grown into something
much larger than an eating contest for
the brave of stomach. Take the elements
of a motorcycle rally, a bachelor/
bachelorette party, a fraternity party, a
live music festival, and an outrageous
camping trip, mix that all in a big pot
and you have cooked up something that
would come close to the 29th Annual
Testicle Festival on Aug. 3-7, 2011.
This hedonistic carnival offers plenty
of live music and unimaginable
amounts of alcohol consumption. Big
Sky Brewing Company specially brews
the festival’s own signature beer called
Bull Snort Brew. Two wet t-shirt contests
(one for the 35 and older contestants
and another for the younger gals
over 21), a hairiest chest contest, and
the always popular co-ed body painting
contest are usual sights whether in the
bar or on the main stage. Those brave
enough are welcome to climb onstage
and give it their best shot. Lodge owner
and festival founder, Rod Lincoln, has
dubbed this climb as the ”Stairway to
At 2 p.m. on Saturday is the annual
running of the “Undie 500.” Grown
men and
women racers
on tricycles
around a track
in their skivvies
and quite
a few forego
any clothing
– an unforgettable
sight. Going skins is most certainly
tolerated and in this crowd is strongly
encouraged. At some point, unscheduled
contests will pop up among the
diverse groups represented – leather clad
bikers, cowboys, yuppies, college students
and rednecks galore. Sip on a cold
one while you watch ferocious looking
bikers and their lady friends race down
a dirt track while the passenger attempts
to snatch a bite of a hanging bull … well,
you get the picture.
Rules are few except: “No kids, hassles
or brought in beverages.” Everyone
must be 21 years or older to enter, and
you must prepare yourself for the down
and dirty. Anyone who has ever been
to the “Testy Festy” will tell you in no
uncertain terms they: “had a ball.”

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