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Move over becomes law Oct. 1

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The Move Over law went into effect today, Oct. 1. After a tow-truck driver was killed by another vehicle while responding to an incident, his family wanted to better protect emergency first responders.

Almost a year later, the Allen family has successfully fought to pass the Move Over law requiring drivers to “slow to a reasonable speed near sites where emergency vehicles are actively responding,” according to the article. Breaking the new law will come at a cost; after a first offense, offenders will be cited for reckless endangerment with up to 60 days of jail time and up to a $500 fine.

“It’s not how fast you can get from point A to point B, it’s carrying your family and those other families that have to go out there and pick up the pieces. It’s taking care of them. If we can help keep one person safe, we gained, we gained,” said Robin Allen, the father of one of the tow-truck drivers.

The Allen family hopes the new law will help save lives and protect courageous first responders like their son by preventing the likelihood of future accidents.

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