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New exhibit at WMPAC explores the essence of ‘wildness’



By Sarah Gianelli EBS Senior Editor

BIG SKY – The visual arts component of the Warren Miller Performing Art Center might get overlooked in the excitement of the theater performances, but the rotating exhibits are typically quite captivating conceptually and aesthetically, and worthy of perusal.

On March 10, in conjunction with the James Sewell Ballet and Ahn Trio performance, “The Wild Unknown” opens in the lobby gallery space, featuring local artists Lorri Lagerbloom, Jill Zeidler, Megan Buecking, Heather Rapp and exhibition coordinator Liz McCrae, among others selected by members of the WMPAC visual arts committee.

The theme of the exhibit is exploring the essence of wildness through art. The featured artwork will address questions such as how do we respond to a “wild spirit?” Does “wild” still truly exist? If so, where do we find it?

While the dancers and musicians explore the wildness of sound and movement on the stage, the artists present the visual outcomes of their own exploration.

Some artists might look within and explore the “wild woman” archetype, while others might look outward and find the wildness they seek in the Montana wilderness. The theme is open to individual interpretation, and the process and result will be unique to each artist.

The opening celebration begins at 6:30 p.m. on March 10, one hour prior to the James Sewell Ballet and Ahn Trio performance, and will include appetizers, cocktails, and other thematically relevant activities.

“The lobby gallery is a place for our community to gather, create, celebrate and show art,” said McCrae, who in addition to sitting on the visual arts community also initiated Art Harvest, a student exhibition and fundraiser for Ophir Elementary School’s arts programming. “Whether it’s a visual component that relates to the performance taking place on the WMPAC stage, an art cafe for students to create work, or a space to show local, national or global art, the gallery provides artistic opportunities for our community.”

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