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Ophir School Board Update



There was a school board meeting on Wednesday,
January 26. On the agenda was University
of Montana Days at LPHS, where,
UM Provost Perry Brown will be at LPHS on
Monday Feb 7 to launch the program. This series
of five college lectures to LPHS students
is part of the ongoing integration with UM,
which includes dual-credit for university
level classes.
Currently mathematics department
Head Paul Swenson offers pre-calculus
courses which earn LPHS and UM credit—
one of only 10 high schools in the state.
The Ophir/LPHS Long Term Strategic Plan
was presented for discussion and review.
Highlights include the creation of a School
District Balanced Scorecard, Montana Comprehensive
Assessment System targets and a
focus on academic rigor and excellence in the
Also discussed was the possibility of naming
rights of the new Performing Arts Center in
conjunction with the Warren Miller Freedom
Foundation, an organization that educates
aspiring youth and adults in the fundamental
principles of entrepreneurship.
The Board accepted the resignation of Health
Enhancement teacher Steve McInaney for
personal reasons. Steve made a valuable contribution
to strengthening our ties to become
a NOLS affiliated school (National Outdoor
Leadership School)
The Board recognized Dr. James Eidson and
Christian Johnsen for meritorious service
on the School Board. The next meeting will
be on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 4
p.m. in the Ophir School/Big Sky Community

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