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By Mark Wehrman EBS Contributor

Pitching the ball is similar to chipping but uses a slightly different setup and requires a larger swing with a more lofted club.

Utilize the same “BLT” setup you use when chipping – position the ball “Back” in your stance, “Lean” forward and “Tilt” the club handle forward – but now you will employ a more lofted club like a pitching, sand, or loft wedge.

This extra loft will provide the added trajectory needed to carry the ball onto the putting surface. The longer carry to the green will prompt you to hinge your wrists in your back swing, but it’s still crucial to not let the clubhead pass the hands when impacting the ball. Once again, let the club’s loft propel the ball in the air. When pitching, your goal is to simply get the ball on the green.

Fundamental changes from pitching to chipping include:

Ball position – Back in stance
Club choice – 7-, 8- or 9-iron
Weight distribution – 70 percent front foot

Ball position – Middle to back in stance
Club choice – pitching, sand or loft wedge
Weight distribution – 60 percent front foot

Whether chipping or pitching, pick a spot on the putting surface where you want the ball to land. After that, allow the green to do the rest. If you’ve planned the shot correctly, once the ball is on the green it will take the natural contour of the putting surface to find its way to the hole.

Mark Wehrman is the PGA Head Professional at the Big Sky Resort Golf Course.

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