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PRODUCT REVIEW: Honey Stinger energy snacks: Sting or be stung



At this time of year in Montana, the ski resorts have loaded their last rider and the mountain bike trails have yet to melt. This is prime time for certain athletic past times – namely backcountry skiing, fishing, road biking, basketball and lower-elevation climbing.

The Outlaws have a firm hold on finding ways to burn off steam, and that post-work energy has to come from somewhere. Most recently, Honey Stinger organic energy bars, waffles, gels and chews have been packing the energy in without weighing us down.

We plan on them carrying us through the Montana shoulder season, keeping us outside, energized and active.

Lemon Waffle


Based on the traditional Dutch ‘stroopwafel’, the Lemon Waffle Honey Stinger is exactly the kind of snack I like when backcountry skiing or doing a big rock climb: yummy, and easy to digest. Because it’s light and sweet, it goes down easy, unlike some of those heavy bars that sit in my stomach like a brick.


The Lemon Waffle tastes like a lemon shortbread cookie, but healthier. At 130 calories, it’s easy on the stomach and has enough substance to hold you over until your next meal. Whether you need to refuel mid-workout or you’re just waiting for your lunch break, this tasty snack will help you focus on the task before you.

Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Pro


This bar is in exclusive company as one of few energy bars on the market that actually tastes good and doesn’t threaten to pull out a tooth with every bite. The 10 g of protein combat the bonk and 30 mg of caffeine offer a little jolt, whether you’ve got miles to go on the trail or hours left at your desk.

Organic Energy Chews


Pink Lemonade flavor – Made from 100 percent tapioca pudding and honey, these keep me on top of my game during pick-up basketball and awake at the April Resort Tax Board meetings. With true lemonade flavor, Vitamin C and electrolytes, they may replace the neighborhood lemonade stand this summer.

Pomegranate Passion flavor – The tastiest energy gel chews out there! Best part is they don’t stick to your teeth. The pomegranate flavor is sweet, but refreshing. Yum! I’d take these anywhere: hikes, rafting, office, skiing… you can’t go wrong.

Acai-Pomegranate Organic energy gel


I’ve been relying on the energy gel to help me parlay that lactic acid buildup. These gel shots are my go-to because I’m confident they’ll load me up with only the necessary ingredients – what my body needs to keep climbing, and what my mind needs to think clearly.

Megan Paulson is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Outlaw Partners.

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