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Recommended Reading: Atlas of Yellowstone

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By Maria Wyllie Associate Editor

The Shoshone Sheep Eater Indians embarked on ritualistic vision quests to Yellowstone’s geysers and bubbling mud pots, seeking guidance from the powerful, underwater spirits believed to be living beneath them.

Today, visitors take a similar pilgrimage, traveling from around the world to photograph the famous Old Faithful geyser and swim in the warm Firehole River.

Scholars and tourists alike can now look even deeper into the area’s hidden treasures and storied past with the Atlas of Yellowstone, the first comprehensive atlas of a U.S. national park. With more than 500 maps and data compiled by experts, it offers an in-depth and full-color look into the area’s geography, environment and wildlife, as well as the park’s human history.

Compelling stories from the microscopic to the global scale make Atlas of Yellowstone a must read for anyone interested in this unique region.

University of California Press, 2012

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