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Reflecting on the 200th edition of EBS



I am often asked, “Eric, why did you get in to the newspaper business; don’t you know this a dying industry?”

I got in to the newspaper business for a few simple reasons:

1. To strengthen the voice of our region and help promote Big Sky.
2. To give local businesses a high-quality medium to market their goods and services; and
tell their stories.
3. To help create a legacy for Big Sky as we work together to build this incredible mountain

As Outlaw prints this 200th edition of Explore Big Sky, I am happy to report that the newspaper business in Big Sky is alive and well.

Outlaw Partners and the idea for Explore Big Sky (EBS) was launched deep in the economic recession of 2009, and ever since then we have seen yearly growth in all facets of the business, reaching nearly 1 million readers annually.

Our two-week print model works to ensure the papers are chockfull of thoughtful stories and allows us to deliver the most extensive free distribution of any newspaper in the state of Montana. We are proud that EBS is the voice for Big Sky, and print paired with content on allows for daily coverage of breaking news.

As Big Sky grows, Outlaw Partners is committed to the community and being a part of documenting the history we are all living. Our newly-seated 20-person advisory council for EBS is filled with locals who guide our editorial team toward topics and stories that are of interest and importance to cover.

Two hundred editions of a newspaper is no small feat. It has taken the painstaking work of our entire team to produce this award-winning product through the years. While other print publications have come and gone, I can assure you that no team is more committed to creating the highest quality newspaper for Big Sky for the long term.

I am grateful for each of you advertisers, readers, advisors and staff who have helped make this paper such a success. It takes a village to create a world-class place to live and we take great pride in each paper that goes to print.

Cheers to 200 issues and the future to come!

Eric Ladd

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