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‘Town Crier’ – Briefs From the Region (1) – 10/1/19

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Invasion of swine: wild pig hordes amass at Canadian border

Feral pigs, a hybrid species between domesticated pigs and true wild varieties, are gathering en masse on the Canadian-Montana border. Weighing between 125 and 250 pounds, but sometimes breaking the 400-pound mark, wild pigs are incredibly dangerous due to their aggressive nature, speed and pronounced, sharp tusks, according to Texas Wildlife and Park. They have also been dubbed “ecological train wrecks,” causing soil erosion, water-quality degradation and crop destruction among other issues. Sexually maturing at a young age and producing six or more piglets in a litter, the species has enjoyed a year-over-year growth rate of 9 percent in Canada over the last 27 years. “We don’t want them here as you can probably guess,” said John Vore of Montana, Fish Wildlife and Parks. Hunting won’t stop them—there has never been a successful, human-led eradication of feral swine anywhere on Earth. The species ranks among the top 25 threats to the environment in Western states. In preparation for the potential assault from the invasive species, FWP has asked Montanans to “Squeal on Pigs” by alerting officials to their location and numbers. Feral pigs have spread to 38 states and several Canadian provinces.

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