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Yellowstone opens for winter season Thursday

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Yellowstone National Park will open to the public for the winter season as
scheduled on Dec. 15.

Beginning Thursday morning, visitors will be able to travel on commercially
guided snowmobiles or rubber-tracked snowcoaches between the park’s South
Entrance and Old Faithful.

Businesses which normally offer commercially
guided snowmobile and snowcoach tours will be temporarily allowed to use
either rubber-tracked snowcoaches or wheeled vehicles to transport
visitors from West Yellowstone and Mammoth Hot Springs to Old Faithful.

Rubber-tracked snowcoaches will be permitted to travel between Norris and

The rest of the interior park roads have too much ice and snow to allow
visitor travel by commercial wheeled vehicles, but not enough snow yet to
permit commercially guided snowmobile or snowcoach travel.

Park staff members will continue to closely monitor conditions and weather
forecasts. Additional sections of the park will be opened to commercially
guided snowmobile and snowcoach travel as soon enough new snow falls to
permit the roads to be packed and groomed for safe oversnow travel.

Travel through the park’s East Entrance over Sylvan Pass is scheduled to
begin Dec. 22.

The road from the park’s North Entrance at Gardiner, Montana through
Mammoth Hot Springs and on to Cooke City, Montana outside the park’s
Northeast Entrance is open to automobile travel all year.

At Old Faithful, the Geyser Grill, the Bear Den Gift Shop, and the Old
Faithful Visitor Education Center open for the season on Dec. 15. The
Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Cabins and the Obsidian Dining Room open on
Sunday, Dec. 18.

The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, dining room, and gift shop will open for the
season on Tuesday, Dec. 20. The Yellowstone General Store, the
medical clinic, campground, post office, 24-hour gasoline pumps, and the
Albright Visitor Center at Mammoth Hot Springs are open all year.

All communities around and on the way to Yellowstone are open year-round,
with local businesses offering a wide range of winter recreation
opportunities. Extensive information and assistance for planning a visit
to Yellowstone are on the park’s web site at

The final legal requirement to winter opening of the park was met Monday,
with the publication of the “One Year Rule” in the Federal Register. This
allows managed oversnow travel this season in the same manner as has been
permitted under a temporary plan the last two winters.

Under the rule, up to 318 commercially guided, Best Available Technology snowmobiles, and up to 78 commercially guided snowcoaches a day will
be allowed into Yellowstone again this winter.

In the next few weeks, the National Park Service will begin working on a
Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in order to complete a
long-term plan to guide winter use in Yellowstone. A draft Supplemental
EIS will be completed and released for public review and comment in early
2012. The National Park Service intends to have a final Supplemental EIS,
a Record of Decision, and a long-term regulation in place prior to the
start of the 2012-2013 winter season.

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