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COBI Connected Biking System



If you’re reading this while watching the snow fall in Big Sky—and don’t spend your winter months fat biking—you may wonder how this technology can positively impact your life. Well, here at EBS we’re always looking a few months ahead to impending seasons to find the latest and greatest gear. And if you spend the winter months wheeling around the slushy streets of Bozeman, or dry pavement of cities across the country, the value of the COBI should be immediately apparent.

Short for “connected biking,” COBI was launched by a German startup in July 2016 and built to use your smartphone to improve your cycling experience. With the tap of a handlebar-mounted keypad, you can make phone calls, listen to music, navigate busy streets, and monitor your fitness, among other features. Track your miles on the trails this summer while you bump your favorite playlist, all while charging your phone.

And don’t just take it from us—on Jan. 24, the bike experts behind the 2017 “Design & Innovation Awards” gave COBI the top spot in the “Urban” category, recognizing the technology as a “thoroughly well thought out [system that] makes every ride more convenient and more fun.”
– Tyler Allen

Starting at $249

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