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Local Look Back: A surprise Turkey Day dinner

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By Dave House

It was Thanksgiving Day 1977 in Big Sky. We volunteered for maintenance that day mainly because the four of us—Tom “Gipper” Gibson, Kevin “Spike” Breen, Paul “Gus” Gustafson and myself—were away from home for the holiday.

We had been shoveling snow and running a sand truck up and down the spur road—Lone Mountain Trail before it was paved—for most of the day, when a call came in to head to the trailer park next to Hidden Village for special detail. Upon our arrival, we were waved down by the “Fatman,” Roy “Tiny” Bingham, who told us to get inside for a meeting.

Once inside, we found that Rosie “Sarge” Bingham, and their kids J.D. and Trina, had prepared the best surprise Turkey Day feast you could imagine. Tiny said a group prayer before we ate, and all were thankful. Hospitality like that continues to make Big Sky people the very best!

Dave House has owned The Corral Bar, Steakhouse and Motel for 30 years, originally with his partner Devon White, until White passed away in September 2017. The Corral hosts an annual Thanksgiving Day dinner where new memories are made every year.

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