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Montana woman uses Facebook to feed truckers



“Town Crier” newsletter – Briefs from the Region (2) – 4/1/20

Two weeks ago, EBS shared a story about Montana’s long-haul truckers working overtime to keep food on the state’s shelves and support other areas of the supply chain—a growing concern of many around the nation that have faced empty grocery store aisles, further evidence of mounting fears relating to the uncertain outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. That same piece shared the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the highest-ranking oversight body for the entire trucking industry, recently raised hourly driving restrictions to help allow the supply chain meet the growing demands of consumers frenzied by COVID-19. The decision to do so was the first of its kind in decades. But as restaurants have been forced to navigate a trying new normal, as we all have, truckers have found it increasingly difficult to find a bite. Enter Montana’s own, Angela Berger to the rescue. Berger, son and wife to truck drivers, has plied the social media resources at her fingertips, creating the “Keep ‘Em Rollin: Food Delivered to your truck” Facebook page, designed to connect drivers easily to willing and able eateries. The intent is to also lessen the amount of physical contact for these critical infrastructural workers, hopefully keeping them and their families free of infection.

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