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Nonprofits: a guide to giving

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The season of giving begins

The Yellowstone region has an abundance of nonprofit organizations that support environmental and community services. Often, one of the most difficult challenges these charities face is to educate the public on their mission.

As a way to give back to those who support us, Explore Big Sky asked our advertisers what nonprofits they believe in for this issue’s special section, “Nonprofits, a guide to giving.” The response was overwhelming.

Columbine Culberg, director of environmental and community affairs at Montana Import Group, noted how important it is for her business to support local organizations.

“Nonprofits that work to conserve and protect our region’s wildlife, ecosystem and communities are vital to sustaining our area’s growth,” Culberg said. Montana Import Group has been supporting the region’s overall economic health and well being since 2009, she added, through partnerships with nonprofits who work to protect the environment that in turn draws people here.

Various regional businesses nominated the groups featured in this special section in an effort to support the array of issues the nonprofits are involved with, that affect the people and environment around us.
– Katie Morrison

Download a pdf of the nonprofits special section

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