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Road to Leverich Creek Trailhead to be temporarily closed



South 3rd Avenue assessing Leverich Canyon south of Bozeman is scheduled to be closed starting September 26th for up to 14 days to replace a culvert. The contractor has 14 days to complete this project once he or she starts, but it is expected it will take fewer than 14 days to complete.

Mountain bikers and hikers will still have access to the Leverich Creek Loop Trail from up top using the Moser Creek jump-off road (Forest Service Road # 6210). The only difference that users will experience is that they will go downhill first and the uphill climb will come second.

The road will be closed to the general public at the end of the pavement 0.3 mile below the construction site because: 1) the lack of an adequate turn around; and, 2) to prevent congestion near the construction site. Local residents will be allowed to use this short segment road to access their homes.

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