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The Goods- Teton Valley Creamery



When renowned Dutch cheesemaker Fons Smits traveled to Teton
Valley, Idaho instead of relaxing like most tourists, he spent the
entire trip biking back roads in search of dairy farmers. Smits,
who has helped start small artisan creameries all over the U.S.,
was convinced the small pastoral valley was ripe for the craft so
renowned in Holland.

Four years later, Teton Valley Creamery is churning out top quality
cheese, handmade with milk from independent local dairies, as well
as a line of fresh gelatos and ice cream.

This summer, head cheesemaker Lindsay Klaunig (who refined her
skills while working with Romanian gypsies, among other experts
around the world), plans to roll out several new and reworked
cheeses: Sapphire Blue, a creamy blue with a hint of pepper;
the Yellowstone, washed in beer; the Haystack, a havarti, and a
Camembert. – Molly Loomis

Available at select stores and restaurants around the
Yellowstone region – stop by the shop in Driggs, Idaho for a taste.

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